with Chris Cruise

What’s that Christmas song with the acapella and the “Africa” clip?

We got you.

It’s one of the most iconic Christmas songs of the past few years – with an even more iconic VIDEO that has made the rounds!

That video, in fact, is nearly 25 years old.

Starting in 1996, the acapella group STRAIGHT NO CHASER began performing together at the University of Indiana in Bloomington.  In 1998, the first performed an iconic version of “The 12 Days Of Christmas” that added comedic elements, a clip of “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel,” and even Toto’s “Africa.”  While they had a cult following at the University and across Indiana and the region, the acceleration of YouTube in the mid 2000s amped up the video on STEROIDS to a whole new audience.

Since this video went viral in the mid 2000s, the group has now recorded several MORE albums, and become one of the MUST-SEE Christmas groups of the season.

Pretty cool for a group of dudes who just wanted to have a little fun together at college.

So share their story with your friends, and keep listening to Throwback Nation Radio’s special Christmas Edition of “The 12 Days of Christmas” and MORE from Straight No Chaser throughout the holiday season.


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