with Chris Cruise

Throwback 2K

America’s FIRST Weekly Tribute to the Early Hits of the 2000s.

We’ve had destinations for music from the 70s, the 80s, even the 90s… and there are CERTAINLY plenty of destinations for the music of today… but what about the Throwbacks we REALLY love to turn up? You know, the songs of the early 2000s from Usher, Britney Spears, Fall Out Boy, N’Sync, and Rihanna? The songs that made up the first playlist on our iPods; we played at our college graduation, and we STILL love today?  NOW… YOU DO!

Throwback 2K with Chris Cruise has you covered, with a weekly five hour tribute to the early 2000s! Songs, requests, contests, and engagement you won’t find anywhere else – because you won’t find a SHOW like this anywhere else!

Throwback 2K has quickly become THE weekend must for over 70 Hot Adult Contemporary and Top 40 brands who want to engage on the weekends and have some fun. You ready for this new, FETCH option?  Let’s talk! (And yes, fetch is going to happen.)

Show Basics

AIR: One shift per weekend, 6a-Mid on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
SHOW LENGTH: 5 hours
SEGMENTS: 4 per hour
TARGET DEMO: Adults 25-54, super-serving A25-39.
FORMATS: Hot AC & Top 40 (Primary), AC & Adult Hits (Secondary)

Scoped Demo

Throwback 2K Sample Clock

If you follow Chris Cruise on social media already, you know he’s not just about growing his own following, he wants to help YOU grow YOURS too!  He’ll be all hands on deck to help YOUR brand with helpful tips and tricks along the way too. After all, your demo who LOVES these songs, LOVES their social presence, and we’ll be here to help you engage and turn THEM into YOUR FANS!