with Chris Cruise

Swift Fans Cause Another Earthquake!

Taylor Swift fans have done it again!

They were moving and grooving so hard at her recent Eras Tour concert in Edinburgh, Scotland, that it registered as seismic activity!

The British Geological Survey said that earthquake readings were detected four miles away from Murrayfield Stadium. Swift performed three nights in a row and seismic activity was registered all three nights, although her first performance on Friday, June 7 had the highest reading.

The BGS reported that “whilst the events were detected by sensitive scientific instruments designed to identify even the most minute seismic activity many kilometres away, the vibrations generated by the concert were unlikely to have been felt by anyone other that those in the immediate vicinity.”

BGS also said fans’ enthusiastic dancing to three songs in particular generated the most significant seismic activity each night: “…Ready for It,” “Cruel Summer,” and “Champagne Problems.”

There were 73,000 fans in the stadium on June 7, which makes it the biggest stadium concert in Scottish history.

You may remember that last summer in Seattle, Swift’s concert registered a 2.3-magnitude earthquake.

Seems that Taylor Swift’s fans are literally Shaking It Off at her shows!

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