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New Mean Girls Movie: How It’s Different

It’s been 20 years since we met Cady Heron and The Plastics, learned the word fetch, and watched the Burn Book light up smoldering high school cliques into a raging inferno.

That was “Mean Girls” 2004.

Now it’s 2024 and “Mean Girls” is back as a musical, with a new cast, and new problems! The new movie is set to hit theaters on January 12.

Producers said the new “Mean Girls” is not a sequel or a remake. Instead, it’s an adaptation of the original movie starring Lindsay Lohan.

That basically means the new movie will follow the same plot as the original movie, but there will be a few differences.

It’s a musical!

The new film is a stage-to-screen adaptation of the 2017 Broadway show of the same name, which in turn is a musical adaptation of the 2004 movie. Some fans have been confused by the movie’s trailer, which just plays Olivia Rodrigo’s song “get him back!” throughout the entire clip. The movie’s soundtrack features 13 songs and will be released on January 12, the same day as the film. Producer and star Tina Fey’s husband, Jeff Richmond, composed the movie and said some of the songs were original.

It has an all-new cast!

The only two cast members from the original film who return are Tina Fey as Ms. Norbury, and Tim Meadows as Principal Duvall. Actress Angourie Rice plays Cady, originally played by Lindsay Lohan, and Reneé Rapp reprises her role from the Broadway show as Regina George, originally played by Rachel McAdams. Jenna Fischer from “The Office” plays Cady’s mom and Busy Phillipps is Regina’s mom.

Cady isn’t telling the story this time

Remember Cady’s new friends, Janis and Damian? The ones who urged her to wage war on The Plastics? They are the narrators this time. The new movie borrows this from the Broadway version. You’re experiencing the story from Janis and Damian’s perspective this time around.

Social media is now a thing

Regina George doesn’t do the three-way calls anymore, now there’s TikTok and other social media that enables her to take her bullying to new levels. We are totally wondering what happens with the Burn Book!?!

What about the Talent Show?

The cast got together with Entertainment Weekly and we learned that yes, there’s a talent show… and the performance by Cady and The Plastics now includes gymnastics because you can’t have a CD skip in 2024! Kevin G also still raps… but it’s updated!

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