with Chris Cruise

It’s Pat Sajak’s Last Week on ‘Wheel’

Pat Sajak is getting ready to say goodbye!

After 40+ years as the host of “Wheel of Fortune,” Sajak’s final episode will air this Friday, June 7.

Sajak has hosted the show since 1981.

In a video shared with “Good Morning America,” Sajak said that “this was announced a long time ago, almost a year ago. So I’ve had time to sort of get used to it. And it’s been a little bit wistful and all that, but I’m enjoying it and taking it all in and reflecting on the great run.”

As for his plans post-retirement, he said he plans to do his crossword puzzles and hopefully play with grandchildren someday!

Vanna White joined the game show in 1982 and will continue as the letter-turner-extraordinaire.

When “Wheel” resumes in the fall, Ryan Seacrest will take over as host.

We can only hope for more fun moments such as this one in the past couple weeks – a contestant went viral for his quite, ahem, unusual answer to a puzzle!


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