with Chris Cruise

Did Pink Inspire Adele To Become A Singer?

We all have our musical heroes. As a matter of fact, even our favorite musical heroes have their own musical heroes! It’s not uncommon for some of our favorite artists from the 2000s to wax poetic about being inspired by Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Beastie Boys, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin and countless others. It’s the same case for one of the most powerful vocalists of our generation as well.

In a 2010 interview with Spinner magazine, Adele was discussing what inspired her to pursue music as a career, and she had this to say:


I had never heard, being in the room, someone sing like that live. I remember sort of feeling like I was in a wind tunnel, her voice just hitting me. It was incredible.

And that’s how Adele described seeing Pink live in concert for the first time at thirteen years old.

If you thought Pink wouldn’t have the most gracious and punk rock reply ever, you’d be wrong:

I was so flattered that she said that. I loved that her of all people said that. Although let’s be honest – it dated me!

Can we just say how in love we are with this sisterhood right now? This is the energy we need in music in 2023 from our favorite artists from back in the day!


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