with Chris Cruise

Christina Aguilera & Redman Reunite For ‘Dirrty’ In Vegas

When Ana won our trip to Lovers & Friends in Las Vegas to see Usher, we knew there would be some talked-about moments from the show.

This is one we did not see coming.


A little background, just in case you’re not familiar: In 2002, Christina channeled her Xtina alter-ego with the song ‘Dirrty,’ featuring Redman. It was hyper-sexual, erotic, and a different side of Christina that fans were not used to at the time. Now, let’s fast forward 21 years later.


During her incredible, over-the-top performance, Xtina and her dancers begin performing the opening to ‘Dirrty.’ No big deal there. Until the crowd realizes after the first chorus that Redman was actually on stage and jumped out to perform his verse live on stage!

Once in a lifetime moment? You be the judge:


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