with Chris Cruise


You gotta feel for Patti Labelle in this Throwback moment

It’s one of those clips that tends to go viral every holiday season… but just in case you haven’t seen it before… this Christmas meltdown is turning 25.

It’s 1996, and President Clinton (fresh off another election win), has invited Patti LaBelle to sing at the National Christmas Tree lighting.  Only issue; Patti isn’t as well versed with the words for “This Christmas” as we thought she might be.

Oh, and on top of that, the person operating her cue cards isn’t paying attention.

OH, and on top of that, her background singers never show up to help.

It’s the sort of meltdown that would make every news headline across the country today.  But, since it happened in 1996, it only aired on C-SPAN… until YouTube.  Now we can enjoy it together!



God Bless you, Patti, for giving it your all under the circumstances.  Here’s to wishing you a holiday season with the CORRECT CUE cards, background singers in tow, and NEVER AGAIN, a circumstance quite like this.

Merry Christmas!

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