with Chris Cruise

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. And seven herbs and spices.

Here's where to find the KFC LOG for your Christmas fireplace!

Several years back, KFC introduced a unique idea for the holidays; nothing edible, but a unique “log” for you to place in your fireplace that would bring the aroma of the Colonel’s famous “seven herbs and spices” and the omnipresent scent of a bucket of chicken in your home.

Not surprisingly, it sold like hotcakes.  Or, chicken, as it were.

Now, they’ve announced its return, and a limited run at WALMART locations nationwide.  Click here if you’re looking to order from Walmart on demand, or if you’re already placing a bazillion Amazon orders (like our family), you can find it on there as well.  Though, the Amazon orders likely have a slight markup from savvy vendors who are trying to take advantage of all of us wanting a tub of chicken and an even bigger tub of mashed potatoes and gravy.

So – enjoy!  Your olfactory senses will thank you – and Merry Christmas!

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