with Chris Cruise

Turkey Trouble? Call the Hotline!

Butterball turkeys

If you’re in charge of your Thanksgiving meal and things aren’t going right, help is just a phone call away!

The Butterball Turkey Talk-line will be fully staffed today with turkey experts waiting to tackle your turkey troubles!

Every year this talk-line takes over 100,000 calls – from new cooks making the meal for the first time, to seasoned chefs experiencing a new problem!

The talk-line will be open on Thanksgiving Day from 6am to 6pm at 1-800-288-8372. Butterball has also added the options of texting your questions to 844-877-3456 or live chatting through their website. You can also ask Alexa, “hey Alexa, ask Butterball…!”

The experts get some frequently asked questions every year… things like:

  • How do I thaw a turkey? 
  • How do I prevent a dry turkey? 
  • What type of thermometer is best?
  • What are giblets?
  • How do I know what size of turkey to buy? 

Another place that’s busy taking phone calls on Thanksgiving is Rotor-Rooter! Plumbers say their busiest day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving… due to clogs in kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, and well, toilets!

Save yourself some headaches now by looking at Roto-Rooter’s list of Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips! 


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