with Chris Cruise

“Thriller” the music video: what you DON’T KNOW!

Just two days after the release of the album “Thriller,” Michael Jackson released the music video of the album’s title track today in 1983.  At over 13 minutes long, it is widely considered to be the most transformative music video of all time, turning music videos from strictly performances in front of a camera, into an art form all of their own.  Many – including me – consider it to be the BEST PRODUCED music video of all time.

And still, to this day, there are some things you may NOT know about the music video’s history, including…

  • The inspiration: Michael contacted director John Landis after seeing his work in “An American Werewolf in Paris.”  In short, Michael said, “let’s do this” – and the partnership was created.
  • The budget: The rough mark is $500,000… but insiders claim it could have been higher.  Michael spared no expense for art.
  • The debut: The music video was debuted in front of a star-studded crowd in Los Angeles that loved it SO much, they gave Michael a standing ovation, then demanded it be played again.  Michael, being known as shy, didn’t even leave the film projection room the entire time it played.
  • THE CHARTS: As it turns out, “Thriller” the single wasn’t even one of the biggest sellers on the album; listen for THE TOP 3 to find out which songs OUT-CHARTED it on Throwback Nation Radio tonight.

And in case it’s been a while, enjoy the original!


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