with Chris Cruise

This Weekend On Throwback 2K – We’re Halfway To Halloween

Every Halloween, you (hopefully) get to attend that one cool party where the playlist is just…perfect. All those scary 2000s jams from back in the day play back-to-back, everyone is dancing in their costumes, and life is good.

We know those parties are a rarity as we get older with adult responsibilities, but fear not. Throwback2K is skipping ahead six months this weekend!

We’re halfway to Halloween, so we’re taking the liberty of playing your go-to old-school spooky jams. Is it because Chris Cruise and his wife got married on Halloween? Or because it’s his favorite holiday? Or because Halloween decorations go out on August first in the Cruise household? Yes. All those yes.

Either way, it’s Halloween in April this weekend on Throwback 2K! Not going to be by your radio? Hit our front page and click “Listen live!”


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