with Chris Cruise

This Weekend On Throwback 2K – It’s March MAN-ness!

It happens every single year. Sports fans gather around a sticky table drinking luke-warm beer while destroying countless amounts of chicken wings.

The food sounds great! But, we had to sit through sports to enjoy them? No ma’am, no ham, no bacon, no thank you.

So this weekend we’re fill out our MARCH MAN-NESS bracket on Throwback 2K! You remember how it felt back in the day. You’d turn on the radio and the guy singing on the other end sounded like he was singing directly to you. You were in love. So were we…and we still are!

You’ll hear Nelly, *NSync, Lil’ Jon, Enrique Iglesias, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and so many more hotties it’ll bring your Tamagotchi back to life. Probably.

Is there a hot guy you want to hear on Throwback 2K this weekend? Holler.

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