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The 2000’s Biggest Homecoming Songs Have Us in Our Feels

It’s homecoming season, and that means homecoming dances. Spending all weekend at the mall with your girlfriends finding the perfect dress. Learning how to attach a corsage without puncturing an artery. And, of course, dancing to that one song that turns you and your friends into “WHEEEEEEEWWWW!!!!” machines. You scream. You dance. That was the deal.

Let’s go back to that time of innocence and find out what was playing on the dance floor at your homecoming. These are the biggest songs from homecoming in the 2000s:


2001 – Destiny’s Child “Bootylicious”

Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle had entire gyms boppin’ to this one. D.C. was absolutely everywhere in the early 2000s, and we remember way too many chaperones yelling at girls trying to twerk to this classic.


2004 – Ciara ft/ Petey Pablo “Goodies”

Ciara went from new artist to “OHMYGODCANYOUPLAYGOODIESNEXTITSMEANDMYBESTIESSONG” in the blink of an eye. While not everyone knew of Ciara (keep in mind this is long before the Russell Wilson days) we all knew that catchy song that Petey Pablo was rapping on. This song still holds up today.


2006 – Justin Timberlake “Sexyback”

For most folks, they had to take a second listen to see if this was even an actual Justin Timberlake song. Timbaland completely changed up Justin’s sound, and we absolutely ate it up. While we were falling in love with *NSync in middle school, Justin’s solo stuff is what really got us going in high school.


2007 – Soulja Boy “Crank That”

Don’t act like you don’t remember every single move to this dance. If you were one of the three kids at your homecoming who didn’t  know how to ‘Crank That,’ then you definitely weren’t invited to the after-party at Chelsea’s parents’ house. Nerd.


2009 – Jay Sean ft/ Lil Wayne “Down”

Lil Wayne has been a staple at school dances forever now, but one of his biggest dance hits (which feels weird talking about Lil Wayne on a dancy pop song) actually belonged to his Cash Money signee Jay Sean. This didn’t get butts sticking out quite as far as “Goodies,” but it’s still a feel-good jam that’ll get us dancing arms’ length apart.


Want to hear more? Check out Throwback 2K this weekend as we count down all  the biggest homecoming songs from back in the day.

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