with Chris Cruise

Taylor Swift’s Feeling 34!

Happy birthday to Taylor Alison Swift! The one who sang about feeling 22 is feeling 34 today!

How will she celebrate? Well, Swift is giving the fans the gift of streaming her “Eras Tour” film at home starting today. She had dinner with bestie Selena Gomez last night. And, her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs’ player Travis Kelce is reportedly planning a huge party in New York City tonight!

The number 13 has always been important to Swift… so here are 13 reasons it’s very, very good to be her right now!

  1. Her record-breaking Eras Tour. She’s performed 66 shows in 2023 and many more to come in 2024!
  2. Of course the “Eras Tour” film has to be on the list. As we mentioned, it’s now streaming but debuted in theaters October 13 (there’s that 13 again) and has earned more than $250 million around the world!
  3. She released “Taylor’s Version”of her albums “Speak Now” and “1989.” She’s now had more No. 1 albums than any woman in history.
  4. She won many awards this year, including 10 Billboard Music Awards, 9 VMA’s, and she’s nominated for 6 Grammy Awards.
  5.  She was also named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year!
  6. She hit billionaire status, reminding us that not only is she an incredible entertainer, she’s a savvy businesswoman.
  7. She appears to be in love… pretty publicly… with her boyfriend Travis Kelce. He famously tried to give her his phone number on a friendship bracelet when her tour stopped in Kansas City!
  8. She somehow made football even more popular by attending Kelce’s games… the NFL saw a bump in viewership and jersey sales!
  9. Colleges have added classes studying Swift, including Arizona State University, Harvard University, and University of California – Berkeley.
  10. Fans at her “Eras Tour” registered a 2.3 magnitude earthquake in Seattle!
  11. She showed major girl power by uniting with Beyonce… the singer attended Swift’s “Eras Tour” film premiere in October, and Swift attended Beyonce’s film premiere in London this month.
  12. Swift has a pretty impressive roster of celebrity friends: Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner, Sophie Turner, and more!
  13. NBC News found Swift had the highest net favorability rating of any public figure.

Wow, what a list! Happy birthday to Taylor Swift!

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