with Chris Cruise

This Gingerbread Village Will Wow You


It’s National Gingerbread House Day – a day meant to encourage you to build, frost, and decorate your own little candy creation!

But there’s one man who’s made gingerbread his life’s work. He takes it so seriously that he is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest entirely edible gingerbread village. He has yet to be unseated at 1,251 houses!

Jon Lovitch is the owner, artist, and creator of GingerBread Lane. He’s originally from Kansas City and his gingerbread creations have been on display all over the U.S. Lovitch comes up with a new design layout each year but also brings back returning favorites like the “SnowMan Apple Cider Company,” “Santa’s Sleigh Repair Company,” and the “Hot Chocolate Brewery.”

If you’re wondering how in the world he’s able to pull off 1,251 houses in a year, the answer is that he starts early! His website has a complete timeline of buying supplies, planning, sketching, building, creating, and maybe nibbling a bit, too!

You can learn more about GingerBread Lane on Lovitch’s website and even book your own gingerbread workshop! 

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