with Chris Cruise

New Book Coming About Taylor Swift

New music is coming from Taylor Swift, yes, but a new book is in the works, too!

“Heartbreak is the National Anthem: How Taylor Swift Reinvented Pop Music” will go on sale November 12, 2024.

Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield is the author.

Dey Street Books, part of HarperCollins Publishers, said the book will focus on Swift’s far-reaching impact on music.

“A cultural phenomenon. A worldwide obsession. An agent of emotional chaos. There’s no parallel to Taylor Swift in history: a teenage girl who turns into the world’s favorite pop star, songwriter, storyteller, guitar hero, live performer, changing how music is made and heard. But behind it all, she’s an artist on the level of all-time greats like The Beatles, Prince, or David Bowie,” read the publisher’s statement.

The statement went on to say that the book will “get to the heart of Swift and her music, her fan connection, her raw power.” 

We’re guessing that raw power will be evident over the coming days with the release of her newest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” on April 19!


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