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JC Chasez: Meows & Musicals!

JC Chasez *NSYNC

Happy birthday to JC Chasez! The *NSYNC member is 47 years old today! The boy band went on hiatus in 2002, but Chasez is still keeping busy as a songwriter, record producer, actor, and yes, he’s still singing!

In fact, his latest project involves a new band… check it out!

Chasez teamed up with Meow Mix for this new ad promoting cat food. He’s featured along with the Tabby 5, a group of performing cats that look pretty similar to *NSYNC.

Chasez told People Magazine, “A million people can say, ‘Hey, we got this idea and it’s a boy band.’ And you’re like, ‘Yes, I’ve heard that before. Yes, I’ve heard that before.’ But when they go, ‘Listen, we have a boy band made of cats and the cats are going to be dancing.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, let’s do that!”

Chasez is also working on writing not one, but TWO musicals! He told People that one of them is far enough along that they are cutting vocals. The future of the project is still uncertain, but Chasez seems excited about it. He told People that he’s at the point where he only takes projects that he wants to do. “When I work on a project like this, or the project come out later, I’m one of those people, I’m stubborn. I only do the things that I want to do. And I know that sounds nuts because everybody’s like, ‘Do it all.’ But I’m just not a do it all kind of person. I only do the things that I think are kind of fun or are interesting to me,” Chasez said.

A JC Chasez-written musical? Sign us up! Happy birthday, JC Chasez!

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