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It’s National Snack Food Month!

snack foods

Did you know February is National Snack Month?

Yes, there’s a month devoted to snacks… those delicious little bites between meals that can boost your energy, satisfy a sweet tooth, and curb your appetite!

A study from the Institute of Food Technologists discovered that 47% of American adults eat snacks at least three times a day. The pandemic made us snack even more as 46% of people said they have increased their consumption. In fact, most people now say they eat snacks more often than meals!

The folks at Tasting Table put together a list of the Top Ten snacks… see if you agree!

10. Cheetos

9. Oreos

8. Fritos

7. Trail mix

6. Tostitos

5. Goldfish

4. Almond Joy

3. Chex Mix

2. Reese’s

And #1 is… Kettle Chips!

What do you think? Agree or disagree with any of those choices? What was left off the list?

We also found a few fun facts about snacks…

  • Did you know every Oreo cookie is 71% wafer and 29% creme filling?
  • 5.5 billion pounds of peanuts are grown in the United States and 10% of those peanuts end up in Jif peanut butter jars.
  • The name Doritos is derived from the word “Doradito,” meaning “little bits of gold.”
  • The creator of Pringles requested that his children bury his cremated remains in the Pringles can when he died… and they did!
  • A janitor invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos by sprinkling chili power on the crunchy snack. He presented the idea to execs and has become an executive VP at PepsiCo’s North American division.
  • A Frito-Lay plant in Georgia has reported cooking almost 1 million pounds of potatoes every day to make an average of 175,000 boxes of Lay’s potato chips.

OK,  now who’s hungry???

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