with Chris Cruise

Huey Lewis: singer, actor, sitcom writer?

He may still be dealing with hearing loss, but he isn't slowing down.

You may recall that prior to the pandemic, Huey Lewis & The News had to cancel a slate of concert dates after Huey was diagnosed with a form of hearing loss.  The issue is so bad, he explained, it may permanently end his performing career – which would be a HUGE loss for so many of us who love the ’80s.

But that hasn’t stopped Huey from staying busy.

Huey is now a part of a writing and development team to build an anthology-style romantic comedy at Fox, perhaps as early as later next year.  According to Deadline.com, the concept revolves around a performer in the ’80s living life, trying to figure out love, and having a fun time in the process.

(And I’ll bet Huey can share a thing or two about  that!)

We’ll keep you posted on more as we hear more at Throwback Nation Radio.  Until then, here’s to Huey staying active, staying creative, and bringing something fun to the entertainment scene soon – EVEN IF it isn’t a concert.

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