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Five 2000’s TV Show Relaunches We’d Leave Our Spouses For

Remakes and relaunches are the move for pretty much every TV and movie studio, and that got us thinking. What shows from the 2000’s truly deserve another shot at the small screen? We have thoughts:



Now that Tracee Ellis Ross is one of the biggest stars on the planet, can we please get the girls back together? There’s 500 singing competitions, but we can’t get a “Girlfriends” reunion? Girl please.


Six Feet Under

Let’s be real, “Six Feet Under” walked so “Schitt’s Creek” could fly. After 2020, we really need some dark humor in our lives. So who do we call at HBO to make this happen?


Lizzie McGuire

‘Nuff said.


The Office

Ok hear us out on this one. It’s a reboot within a reboot, where Kevin Malone tries to cash-in on the popularity of Dunder Mifflin’s documentary. He hires a rogue film crew to film his daily shenanigans as a host at a local Buffalo Wild Wings.

And yes, he’s going to recreate the chili scene with hot sauce.


Pushing Daisies

It’s like having the “Midas Touch,” but the opposite. If you didn’t catch this short-lived classic, it’s worth a revisit.

Since Ned is able to bring people back from the dead, surely he could revive his own show.


What 2000’s shows do YOU want to see come back? Let us know what we missed!

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