with Chris Cruise

Happy Back To The Future Day! But please, don’t buy a Delorean.

And don't hate me for saying that.

For those of us with a penchant for all things Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the like, today is a SPECIAL DAY.  Indeed, October 21st was the day on which Marty first travels into the past and ventures to the place where “we don’t need roads.”

And while the Delorean featured in all three “Back To The Future” movies certainly was eye catching, unique, and almost a character in itself, I learned something a few years ago about Deloreans.

They’re not fun to drive.  Not, like, even a bit.

Back in 2019, when we launched Throwback Nation Radio, we arranged to use a Delorean for a video and photo shoot to promote this here show.  Jayce Delker, an area car Delorean enthusiast and car collector, provided his car with all the accoutrements; the lighting, the hoverboard, EVERYTHING.  Our setup was great and it was fun to try.  But man, that car is NOT up to date… and here’s why.

1.) The AC did not work.  We did the video shoot in the middle of July, and we were sweating like pigs.  Or worse.  We kept the air on while driving through a parking lot, but it was still no fun.

2.) It does not have power steering.  The positive with that is, of course, I got quite the workout trying to turn the wheel.  Like, SERIOUS workout.  But, as someone who grew up in the time of power steering, it wasn’t a fun experience to feel like I was GRINDING the wheel to just turn left.

3.) The body is…well… weird.  Like most, this Delorean featured a stainless steel frame – not the usual plastic and metal those of us are used to.  That makes the car incredibly heavy, and just feel like you’re driving a boat.


So, kind of the like the saying when you go on vacation, “I love to visit, I just don’t want to live here,” think the same about a Delorean.  They’re fun to see, fun to touch, and maybe fun to take on a lap around the parking lot ONCE… but beyond that… don’t buy one.


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