with Chris Cruise

LISTEN: NEW DURAN DURAN OUT TODAY! What tradition are they skipping for their 40th anniversary?

Roger Taylor of the group gives us the intel!

We are so proud to have welcomed ROGER TAYLOR, drummer and longtime member of Duran Duran to Throwback Nation Radio to help celebrate their 40th anniversary and the release of “Future Past,” their new album out today.

And, in case you missed Roger stopping by, he shared a lot of what they’re excited about for 2022, and how special it is to perform with a group of friends that has been together for 40 years.

BUT – there is one thing the band WILL NOT be doing to celebrate their anniversary.  Wanna learn all about it?  Listen to our Throwback Nation Radio Spotify podcast – along with a few of their new songs from “Future Past” – and enjoy!



Special thanks to Roger Taylor of Duran Duran, Warner Brothers, Lee Leipsner, and Charlie Foster for their help!

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