with Chris Cruise

Gone today in 1991, but never forgotten: Freddie Mercury.

Enjoy a salute to Freddie with Queen's TOP 3 of the '80s.

If you’ve watched “Bohemian Rhapsody,” you’ve seen the stories of Freddie Mercury’s extravagance, eccentricities, and also his pure LOVE of music.  Freddie succumbed to AIDS-related illnesses today in 1991, ironically, just at a time Queen’s music was reaching a new generation in the movie “Wayne’s World.”

Tonight, we’ll salute Freddie and his fellow band mates with THE TOP 3 of Queen from the 80s…which are three AMAZING songs.

3) UNDER PRESSURE – Featuring David Bowie – It seems only perfect that Queen would team up with David Bowie, given both of their penchant for performance.  Not only was this song a huge hit at the time, but it got a second life ten years later with the sample in Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

2) CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE – Is it country?  Is it rock and roll?  Is it an oldie?  YES.  Maybe?  To all three?  WHY NOT!  Freddie and the guys channeled some great retro sounds on this song and it’s one we LOVE to turn up whenever it’s on.

1) ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST – Not only was this one of the biggest songs of 1980, but it’s received an additional 439 million views on YouTube.  That’s saying something BIG.  With a bassline groove that makes us want to get up, we salute you with this one Freddie!


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