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Five Criminally Underrated J-Lo Songs That Deserve A Second Chance

Jennifer Lopez celebrates a birthday this week (J-Lo seems to be immortal and never ages, so we don’t even need to list her age), and we’re blasting all her biggest songs in the Throwback 2K offices.

But those aren’t the only songs we’re playing from the Puerto Rican pop icon. Here are five songs from Jennifer Lopez that we think should’ve been way bigger hits:



#96. A sexy, catchy earworm from Jennifer Lopez only hit #96 on the charts in the United States. We honestly didn’t even think that was possible. This is J-Lo at her best, bringing flavor like no one else can.



Play dropped in 2001, smack dab in the middle of Lopez’s worldwide musical takeover. Her previous single, Love Don’t Cost A Thing, hit #3 on the charts. This song? A paltry #18. Which seems odd, considering this track from J-Lo is an absolute classic on any dancefloor.


Booty ft/ Iggy Azalea

One of Jennifer Lopez’s newer singles (2014, off her A.K.A. album), this one slaps. Yes, the music video is a bit over the top with showing off J-Lo and Iggys’ posteriors, but c’mon. It’s Jennifer Lopez. Did we expect a PG-rated music video with mom jeans and cardigans?

No. No we did not.


Waiting For Tonight

Before you yell “BUT THIS WAS A HUGE SONG! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS ON,” let us explain.

Yes, Waiting For Tonight was a big song. A really big song for any “typical” artist. But this is J-Lo. And this song only climbed to #8 on the charts in the U.S. We’re honestly surprised and had to double-check that fact. Alas, it’s true. This absolute gem of a dance record was only #8, but Billy Ray Cyrus gets a #1 song? We have questions.


Let’s Get Loud

This should be considered a criminal act. Let’s Get Loud was never even released as a single in the U.S. Meaning, some suit on Lopez’s team decided Americans wouldn’t be into this song, which is of course ludicrous. For this writer, this is the Jennifer Lopez sound we all fell in love with in the first place.

Bonus fun fact: The song was co-written by Gloria Estefan, who eventually went on to record the song herself:


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