with Chris Cruise

CHAKA KHAN… CHAKA KHAN… let me ROCK YOU Chaka Khan… for your BIRTHDAY, Chaka Khan!

Chaka turns 68 today!

Born today in Chicago in 1953, Chaka Khan has been a BEACON of great R&B music.  First as the leading lady of “RUFUS” in the 70s, to her solo debut on “I’m Every Woman” all the way through the ’80s and ’90s, Chaka Khan is synonmyous with GREAT soul music – and GREAT dance music too!  So, let’s enjoy her TOP 3… with a few bonuses!


3) I’M EVERY WOMAN – While Chaka released it in 1978, Whitney Houston made it a massive part of the “Bodyguard” soundtrack 15 years later.  While one may have thought that would overshadowed Chaka’s version, it actually gave it new life in it’s own right, with this classic late ’70s music video!

2) AIN’T NOBODY – This was technically Khan’s last hit as a member of Rufus, but she gets the byline as “RUFUS Featuring Chaka Khan” – so it’s pretty much hers!  It also won the band the 1984 Grammy for Best R&B Group Vocal – so major props!

1) I FEEL FOR YOU – Sure, it’s been parodied; you TOO have probably repeated “Chaka Khan… Chaka Khan” just like we did in this headline.  But man… IT SLAPS!  The writing from Prince, the harmonica from Stevie Wonder, and Chaka’s vocals… just a bop.



BONUS – THROUGH THE FIRE – Yep, Kanye West made this melody big AGAIN in his first release, “Through The Wire,” in 2004.  The melody and keyboards have a distinctive ’80s song – and her lyrics- have helped make this song stand out for decades.

AND… the Brothers Johnson remake BONUS – I’LL BE GOOD TO YOU!  Hey, anytime you put Quincy Jones, Ray Charles and Chaka together, it’s gonna be something special, and that’s exactly what we got on this 1989 hit!

Happy birthday Chaka, thank you for the music, and let’s keep these CRANKED today!

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