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What’s The Meaning Behind These Eminem Songs Getting No Love?

It hurts our bones to think of Eminem turning 49 years old  this week. Instead of sulking about how our knees hurt, we figured it’d be more fun to comb over some of Em’s songs that didn’t quite reach the stratosphere like ‘Lose Yourself’ or ‘Not Afraid’. Here’s a few tracks from Marshall over the years that we believe should’ve been bigger hits.


Berzerk (2013)

From The Marshall Mathers LP 2, you can tell about :03 seconds in that Rick Rubin produced this one. It’s loud, there’s a lot going on, and somehow it all just works. We didn’t ever see a time where Eminem released a song that sampled Billy Squire, but it’s Eminem. He doesn’t really do “rules.”


Just Lose It (2004)

This one is in the vein of “Without Me” and “The Real Slim Shady.”  It’s what Shady does best: Spitting unreal bars all while being silly and constantly almost over the line. The record skip still makes us do a doubletake to this day.


Fight Music (2001)

It’s not cheating to include a D12 song, right? We hope not, because while the group was composed of some fantastic lyricists, Eminem steals the show. Someone his words and the music combined make you feel just as angry as D12 is on this track.


I’ll Hurt You (2006)

Technically this is Busta Rhyme’s song, but it’s just fun how Marshall drops a verse note-for-note with the crazy instrumental in the background. If there was any doubt that Eminem can sound fantastic rapping over literally anything, take another listen to this one.


My 1st Single (2004)

Full disclosure: We only included this because the poop noises in the song are hilarious.


Want to hear more? Check out Throwback 2K this weekend to hear all your favorite old-school Eminem songs!


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