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TODAY IN 1989: STEVIE gets the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nod!

Let's enjoy his TOP 3 of the '80s.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame started inducting members in 1986.  And naturally, it didn’t take long until STEVIE WONDER got the nod to enter the hall in 1989.

Unlike many of the earlier inductees – say Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Fats Domino and others – Stevie was STILL actively recording, writing, and performing live when he became a member.  To honor him, let’s enjoy Stevie’s TOP 3 of the ’80s today.

3) Ebony & Ivory (with Paul McCartney) – It being Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, it seems fitting that we would play a song like this about “living in perfect harmony.”  Is the world perfect?  Unfortunately, far from it.  BUT, the words of Stevie and Paul still give us something to strive for.


2) Part-Time Lover – As a kid, I LOVED this song.  It has a splashy hi-hat and drum riff that is OH-SO danceable.  Of course, I had no idea that it was all about people CHEATING on each other!


1) I Just Called To Say I Love You – A year of love notes wrapped into a song; that’s the idea behind this song from Stevie.  And certainly, it’s been called cheesy before, but it has stood the test of time like nothing else from Stevie has.


Here’s to Stevie, a great career, and many, MANY more live performances from him post-pandemic.

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