with Chris Cruise

THROWBACK NATION PODCAST: Voices of Pride with Larry Flick

Who are the biggest LGBTQ artist & allies today - and who SHOULD we know?

No matter your sexual identity, Pride month is a great time to reflect on the voices that have impacted pop music.  Whether it be rock, pop, R&B, alternative, even country- whatever – nearly every genre of music has been hugely impacted by members of the LGBTQ community, and by strong allies of the community as well.

To learn a little more about some of the biggest voices that have impacted LGBTQ awareness, we turned to Larry Flick; longtime Billboard editor and host on Sirius XM.  Larry has documented pop, dance, and LGBTQ artists for decades, and continues to write and broadcast their stories.  I’ll be honest; I could have spoken with Larry ALL DAY to learn some of his stories about interviewing Madonna and Adam Lambert, his friendship with Donna Summer, and his first-hand seat at changing music patterns over the years.  It was a pleasure to learn more myself, about the three LGBTQ artist and allies who have made the biggest impact on pop culture – and the three names you might not know that you SHOULD.

As an ally of friends and family members in the LGBTQ community, I hope you enjoy this – and I hope we all walk away from Pride this month a little better educated, and a little more inspired to enjoy these great artists.  Happy Pride!

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