with Chris Cruise

The Tweet that has your millennial friend CRYING.

Steve from BLUE'S CLUES is hitting us in the feels.

Chances are, you may not have grown up with “Blue’s Clues” on Nickelodeon.  But, someone from your family probably did!

Whether it was your child, your little sibling, a cousin, a co-worker… they’ve likely been sharing this post from the “OG” host of “Blue’s Clues,” STEVE BURNS, who left the show after hosting for six years in 2002.  His trademark sweater, calming demeanor, and fun-loving attitude had a tremendous impact on a generation of Nickelodeon fans.

In case you haven’t seen it for yourself yet, watch here.


<silently holds back tears>


I mean… how can you not get a little weepy, even if you never watched the show?

As a parent of toddler twins myself, I can’t imagine what would happen if my kids were watching this 20 years from now with the cast of Paw Patrol, Daniel Tiger, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They’d be a blubbering mess.  AS WOULD I.

So, it may not be the show you watched, or the show you get, but the raw emotion of Steve’s return is something special in pop culture from the last week.  Lap it up.  And look at all YOU have accomplished.  And BE PROUD!




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