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THE TOP 3: Birthday Girl DOLLY PARTON on the Pop Charts

We really don't deserve this woman.

Dolly Parton turns 75 today.

(Googles Dolly’s age.)

(75???  IT’S TRUE!)

It’s hard to believe that for over three quarters of a century, she has been writing, singing, inspiring positivity, and being the occasional butt of a joke or too.  But that hasn’t phased her.  Dolly has always taken herself lightly, but not been afraid to take on serious topics.  Her recent donation to help coronavirus research is just another reason YOU GOTTA LOVE DOLLY!

Let’s enjoy her TOP 3 from the pop charts…

3) Here You Come Again – We’ve all been there; that person who is NO good for us, who we swore we’d NEVER go back to… IS BACK.  Her songwriting on this 1977 hit, which was her first on the pop charts, is just one reason we love Dolly so much.


2) Islands In The Stream with Kenny Rogers – Dolly and Kenny had so many great duets throughout the years, but this one takes the cake.  Written by the BeeGees, whose careers were in a bit of a slump after disco’s popularity was waning, it was a huge #2 song for Dolly and Kenny in 1982.  It got a second life in 1998 as the theme to “Ghetto Superstar” too!



1) 9 To 5 – There’s a reason this song has remained on so many people’s playlists, and this song has remained as a staple on cable on  the weekends.  The story, and the storyline of the movie, STILL continue to ring true.  Starring alongside Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, it made Dolly a household name – and for that, we’re truly happy.


Dolly, enjoy your birthday!  Thank you for the positivity, the amazing songs, and the GREAT ENERGY you put in the world today, and everyday!

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