with Chris Cruise

Sure, SHERYL CROW wants you to have some fun. But so does WYN COOPER.

Annnnnnnd... WHO IS WYN COOPER?

You’ve heard Sheryl Crow’s ICONIC, Grammy winning song “All I Wanna Do” many times through the years.  But did you know, the song isn’t written by Sheryl… and it wasn’t even STARTED as a song?

It’s true!

Poet WYN COOPER wrote a poem about a chance encounter in a bar, next to a giant car wash, drinking beer at noon on a Tuesday.  Cooper’s vivid imagery of the slow dancing couple, the bartender stuck at a dead end job, and two unique souls just trying to have a little “Fun” – as the poem was entitled – caught the attention of Sheryl’s producer Bill Bottrell.  When combined with an acoustic, disco-twinged melody, suddenly Cooper’s poem had life, and it resonated with SO many of us through the years!

If you haven’t had a chance, give Wyn Cooper’s “FUN” a look here.  It’s not exactly the same as “All I Wanna Do,” but it’s darn close.  And next time you’re looking for a little fun, crank up some Sheryl, or read the poem too.

(And save one of those empty beers you’re drinking with Billy, or Bill, or Mac, or Buddy for me… k?)


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