with Chris Cruise

Stranger Things gives us a REEEEEEMIX on Journey

If you haven't heard yet, listen here.

Sometimes when I’m watching Stranger Things, I’m also juggling kids, folding laundry, putting away dishes, and trying to keep my head on generally straight.

(And when I mean SOMETIMES… I mean…well, ALL THE TIME.)

So it took me a minute to register that the version of “Separate Ways (World’s Apart)” on the show from Journey IS INDEED, it’s own separate mix.

The remix, with help from composer Bryce Miller, UNDOUBTEDLY adds to the overall feel and CREEPINESS of all things Stranger Things.  Miller has done the same for other shows with soundtrack pieces in “Jurassic World Domination,” “House of Gucci,” and many more.

If you haven’t had a minute – or aren’t watching “Stranger Things,” enjoy the remix here.


And… start watching STRANGER THINGS already!

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