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Paul McCartney…AHEM… **SIR PAUL** McCartney slays the ’80s!

Enjoy his top 3 - and more - right here!

Paul McCartney was officially deemed “SIR” Paul McCartney in his royal knighting ceremony TODAY in 1997, and in honor of this esteemed honor, we thought we’d honor Paul with his top 3… and a few OTHER notable tunes… from the ;80s!



This song was a big one for Paul, hitting #1 in 1980 after a performance in Glasgow, Scotland.  And, I don’t know about you, but I prefer the live version much over the kooky over-production of the in-studio version.

Here’s that studio version.  So much better live, amirite?


EBONY & IVORY with Stevie Wonder – 1982

Paul worked on a few duets in the ’80s with other big stars, and this song certainly took a stand in promoting racial harmony.  It’s a message we could probably STILL learn something from today.


THE GIRL IS MINE with Michael Jackson – 1982

Think about being a part of this session, huh?  Two of the biggest music legends of all time working together, and recording for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album.  (This was technically Michael’s song, after all, with Paul making a backup appearance.)  They would have challenges in their partnership later on, but in 1982, this was POP PERFECTION.


SAY, SAY, SAY, also featuring Michael Jackson – 1983

A year after appearing on “Thriller” for Michael, Michael seemed to return the favor and step up into a backing spot for Paul’s album, “Pipes of Peace.”  This song is one that STILL gets me out of my seat today, and I hope you enjoy seeing this forgotten music video today!



While the movie it was from, “Give My Regards to Broad Street,” wasn’t a massive success, the soundtrack to the film starring Paul, Ringo Starr, and others, WAS.  This song helped buoy the soundtrack to the top of the album charts, and this was a top 10 hit in October 1984.



Maybe Paul was better off making the MUSIC for the movies and not starring in them :).  That was definitely proven by this hit song from the Chevy Chase / Dan Aykroyd movie of the same name.  Enjoy the buddy moments from the movie, and throw back the song here!


So, before you think Paul’s career COMPLETELY ended after Wings, look again; Paul McCartney has a way of re-emerging time and time again.  Props to you, Paul… ERRR… SIR PAUL… and thank you for so many great contributions as a solo artist into the ’80s and beyond!


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