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Indy’s Whip, Titanic Door Bring Big Bucks At Auction

Titanic door

Some of the most iconic movie props from the 1980s,’90s, and 2000s just sold at auction for more than $15 million! The Treasures from Planet Hollywood sale is now the second most successful auction of props and costumes from some of cinema’s most beloved films.

Titanic door

Remember the door frame in “Titanic?” The one that seemingly didn’t have enough room for both Rose and Jack? It was the top-selling item in the auction, going for an astounding $718,750!

Indiana Jones' Whip

Indiana Jones’ whip from “The Temple of Doom” sold for just over half a million dollars. The “Holy Grail” cup itself sold for $87,500.


Bill Murray’s rose bowling ball from “Kingpin” brought in $350,000. It’s now the most expensive bowling ball in the world!

Some other items of note:

That ax Jack Nicholson used in “The Shining?” It sold for $125,000 after a pretty fierce bidding war!

Princess Leia’s blaster from “Return of the Jedi” fetched $150,000.

The black Spideysuit Tobey Maguire wore in “Spider-Man 3” sold for $125,000.

And there’s so much more! You can look at the entire list of items and memorabilia here on the Heritage Auctions site. 


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