with Chris Cruise

Happy birthday to the KING of soundtracks: KENNY LOGGINS!

We'll celebrate with his top 3 of the '80s tonight.

Kenny Loggins had songs BEFORE movie soundtracks.  “Whenever I Call You Friend,” “Return To Pooh Corner,” “This Is It,” and many others come to mind.  But where Kenny was at his BEST, was adding music to movies and just SLAYING it.  So tonight, for Kenny’s 73rd birthday, let’s celebrate his Top 3 songs of the 80s – which all happen to be great soundtrack songs!


3) “I’m Alright” from Caddyshack – Whether you loved the movie for Rodney Dangerfield’s slapstick moments, the gopher’s perfect appearance, or Ted Knight’s iconic “WELLLLLL… we’re WAAAAAAITING” line, you had to love this carefree 1980 from Kenny on the soundtrack.

2) “Danger Zone” from Top Gun – Corey Hart, Bryan Adams and others had been considered for the title track to Top Gun, but ultimately, Kenny ended up as the singer we listened to as Maverick and Goose “turned and burned.”  His other release, “Playing With The Boys,” was a big part of the soundtrack as well, and remains one of the biggest “VOLLEYBALL” hits ever.

1) “Footloose” from Footloose – Need we say more?  Kenny knocked it out of the park with this song, which channels 50s and 60s rock sensibilities with a movie theme that could ONLY be 80s pop-arific fun!

So happy birthday, Kenny; thanks for making the 80s – and 80s movies – sound so GREAT!

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