with Chris Cruise

BLACK HISTORY MONTH THROWBACK SPOTLIGHT: the first WOMAN in the rock & roll hall of fame? A-R-E-T-H-A!

Let's hear it for the Queen of Soul

As we reflect on a week of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominations, we can’t forget the first woman inducted into the hall back in 1987: THE QUEEN of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

Let’s be real: how Aretha wasn’t a part of the FIRST round of nominations, I’m not quite sure.  BUT, if someone had to be the first to break through, I’m glad it was her.

We could play Aretha all day and never get enough… so let’s dust off one of our favorites from the ’80s from her right now for the QUEEN.  Drop the pedal, and GO… and don’t blame us for a speeding ticket on this one!

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