with Chris Cruise


Miss Ross and Miss Wilson are in the spotlight

With Mary Wilson’s sudden passing earlier this week, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to spotlight the woman fronted the Supremes, and for a while, had her name on the group: Diana Ross.

While Diana and Mary had their disagreements after Ross parted for her own solo career in 1970, she made a brief, heartfelt statement about their time together in the group.

While we’ll never know exactly how their relationship ended, if it was truly sour – or just slightly bitter – I hope we can look back at their collaboration as young women in their teens and 20s and respect what they did together and see how truly remarkable it was.  For women of color in the early 60s to break through as strongly as they did, while there were issues of inequality all over the country, is incredible.  To Diana, To Mary, to their friends and families: thank you for the gift of music you gave us with the Supremes.  You will forever be linked in your performances, and your music that united us will forever link us all.

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