with Chris Cruise

Another Throwback is become a TIK TOK challenge… and it’s BAD.


Over the past few years, the new video-based social media app Tik Tok is helping some of our favorite Throwback songs and artists become new again to a younger generation.

We’ve seen songs like Fleetwood Mac’s DREAMS take over social media from Tik Tok…

Plus a TURN AROUND singalong with Bonnie Tyler and Nikki French…

And now, the latest trend on the viral video app is showing off your Michael Jackson “BAD” moves.  Which for me, personally, is a double entendre since my dance moves are terrible.  BUT, if you want to impress your kids and show them that you CAN still pull off these Throwback moves that they think are all over again, try this instructional video to channel MJ’s 1987 classic BEFORE you tape yourself.

Have fun, and if it’s Bad… I think it’s probably still GOOD!

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