with Chris Cruise

It’s Back to the Future Day!

Today is October 26, a hugely important date in the original “Back to the Future” timeline. October 26 is the day when Doc first summons Marty to the Twin Pines Mall to observe his new experiment, the time-traveling Flux Capacitor in the DeLorean!

We LOVE this movie, we LOVE Michael J.Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, and everything about it!

During our recent rewatch, we were reminded that there are several things we had back then, that we don’t have now! Grab your skateboard and travel back with us to Hill Valley for a look at how life has changed…

#1 Phone books… what are those? Marty McFly goes into the cafe and and looks in the phone book for Dr. Emmet Brown’s address. He even rips the page out. These days, phone books may still be printed but when’s the last time you looked a number up in one?

#2 Tab cola. Marty’s in the same cafe when he’s asked what he wants to order. He starts by asking for a Tab, which was a kind of cola that was discontinued in 2020. He then asks for a Pepsi Free, which has also been phased out.

#3 Marty’s alarm clock. Marty had a Panasonic Model RC-6015 clock radio in his room, that played music to wake him up. That clock probably cost less than $20 back then. Today, it’s considered retro or vintage and we found it on eBay for $285!

#4 Marty’s Walkman. Marty dresses up in his hazmat suit and uses his Walkman (with cassette tape) to scare his father George into asking his mom, Lorraine, to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Today, iPhones have replaced Walkmans, and cassette tapes have been replaced by the cloud!

Another significant date to “Back to the Future” fans is October 21. In “Back to the Future Part II”, that’s the date Doc, Marty, and Jennifer travel forward in time!

Now, who wants to watch the movie again???

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