with Chris Cruise

Last Night’s Top 5 commercials with Throwbacks

Maybe it’s just us, but Sunday night’s game was one for the books.  Both the last minute outcome – AND the commercials!  The ads were dripping with nostalgia from front to finish, and we had lots of reasons to smile, even if our team wasn’t winning.

Without further ado- we rank THE TOP 5 COMMERCIALS WITH THROWBACKS – Throwback artists, Throwback stars, Throwback ANYTHING – from last night’s game.


5.) All Things “Clueless” for Rakuten.

Don’t get us wrong – being #5 here isn’t a bad thing – because this was a FUNNY commercial, straight down to Alicia Silverstone looking 18 (and making jokes about not needing eye cream that hit way too close to home).  We may have to do some shopping thanks to her.


4.) REAL ROCKSTARS become HR and Accounting Rockstars for Workday

Paul Stanley of KISS is a GREAT narrorator for this ad, and “Ozwald” looks so PERFECTLY out of place  it is AWESOME.  In any year, this could be a #1 commercial – but there are a few that outrank it THIS time.


3.) Sarah McLachlan has a sense of humor with Busch Light

Sarah McLachlan’s heart-tugging ads have been the butt of jokes for over a decade now.  SURE, we’d ALL love to help a pet in need have a better home – but did they need to be SO SAPPY?  Luckily, Sarah shows she has a sense of humor in this commercial – and hopefully not any scars beyond that from her “friend.”


2) Uber One DOESN’T HAVE a jingle, but it does have EVERYONE ’90s!

Diddy doesn’t do jingles; DEAL.  But if names we NEVER EXPECTED to see like Montell Jordan, Donna Lewis, Haddaway, and Kelis, among others DO – then WE gotta do RIGHT by this commercial for Uber’s premium service and get YOU a jingle too, Diddy!


1.) The Dunkin’ Drive Thru – Ben Affleck has the worst customer EVER.

The looks on all these customers’ faces are PRICELESS.  And certainly, we should have all seen it coming with Jennifer Lopez’ appearance – but the way she came in is just about every wife, to every husband, ever.


Did we get it right?  Would you like to re-order this list?  Did we miss one entirely?  Holler at us – and let’s hope we see MORE of these for a laugh or two on TV in the coming weeks too!

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