with Chris Cruise

Happy National DONUT Day! Now, let’s GET ROUND!

Oh sweet carbs, and sweet songs.

If you’re making a stop at Dunkin, Krispy Kreme, or your favorite local donut shop today, you’re not alone; November 5th is now recognized as the SECOND national donut day of the year, with the first being the first Friday of June.

Only in America would we give ourselves a break on our diet LITERALLY a week after we’ve just gorged on Halloween candy, but HEY, we don’t make the rules, we’re just here for the treats!

So to celebrate, we’ll roll out THE TOP 3 tonight about being ROUND, just like our favorite fried dough treat!  Let’s roll…



2) ROUND HERE / Counting Crows

1) YOU SPIN ME ROUND / Dead Or Alive


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