with Chris Cruise

Meet Danny Hustle

From DAY ONE of Throwback Nation Radio, Danny Hustle has been aboard Sunday Nights with the songs you love to play from back in the day!  Of course he’s there for Throwback requests at 877-909-1989 – call or text – but he’s also there for a love of the craft.  See, Danny has hosted Throwback shows across the country for years, and even though he doesn’t like to brag, he’s been one of the most highly rated personalities in all the Midwest on the weekends.

Beyond his love of ‘70s and ‘80s music, Danny is a HUGE weather geek.  He owns his own forecasting company, and has been known to fly into storm chaser mode throughout the plains states during spring weather craziness.

In his free time, Danny finds more storms to chase and Throwbacks to listen to.  Danny doesn’t have free time – and he likes it that way. 😊

Join Danny on Sunday nights and let’s Throw back a song YOU love together!